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Introduction to the SA Child Gauge

What were the previous themes?

What were the previous themes?

Children, Families and the State: Collaboration and contestation

The thirteenth issue of the South African Child Gauge® focuses on children in relation to families and the state, both of which are central to providing for children and supporting their development. 

We demonstrate the diversity and fluidity of families as they strategize for their own survival, for the development and protection of their children and the realisation of their dreams. The Child Gauge maps out policies and services for families and considers ways to increase state support to families and the children in their care.



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Children and social assistance: Investing in children - Child Gauge 2016

This year marks the coming of age of the Child Support Grant (CSG), established 18 years ago in 1998, now recognised as one of South Africa's most successful poverty alleviation strategies. Contributors to the 2016 Child Gauge include academics, activists, members of civil society, government officials and representatives, and representatives from international development organisations.


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Youth and the Intergenerational Transmission of Poverty

The 2015 Child Gauge provides an overview of the “state of youth” in South Africa, informed by a life course understanding of development. Included with this issue are a poster, policy brief and youth bulletin, as well as Yazi – an information portal that helps young people navigate the pathways from school to work and post-school education.


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Preventing Violence against Children 

The 2014 issue outlines the extent and impact of violence against children, and motivates for greater investment in prevention services in order to reduce both the immediate and intergenerational costs of violence. The volume also features a poster, a policy brief and a child-friendly summary.


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 Stepping up national development: Prioritising essential services for young children

This issue highlights the importance of investing early to ensure the optimum development of young children, and defines an essential package of care and support services for young children and their families. A poster that maps the essential services, a policy brief, and a child-friendly summary accompany the publication.

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Children and inequality:
Closing the gap

The essays in this issue outlines the extent and impact of income inequality on children's living conditions, care arrangements, health and education, and identifies interventions that could break the cycle of poverty and reduce inequality. The book is accompanied by a poster on child-centred indicators on poverty and inequality, a policy brief and a child-friendly summary.

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Children as citizens
Participating in social dialogue

The essays in this issue show how participation in health, schools, government and the media can improve service delivery, strengthen democracy and contribute to children's optimal development. The book is accompanied by a double-
sided poster on children's participation, and a plain language summary suitable for children.

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Healthy children

From survival to optimal development
This issue highlights the state of child health in South Africa and describes key challenges for child health outcomes. It gives examples of best practice; and makes recommendations that could help realise children's rights to health, survival and optimal development. A poster-
map of South Africa provides data on selected indicators on child health.

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Meaningful access to basic education

Focuses on the right to education and meaningful access; budgetary frameworks and school-fee waivers; children who are out of school; the relationship between poverty and exclusion; building effective partnerships with communities, and the need for a strong numeracy and literacy foundation. A poster-map gives data on selected education provisioning and outcomes indicators.

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Children’s right to social services

This issue examines children's right to social services within the context of a developmental social welfare system. It describes and analyses the policies and the law (Children’s Act) that are aimed at giving effect to this right, and explores and makes recommendations on key budgetary, human resource and implementation challenges.

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Children and poverty

This issue features key findings of the Children’s Institute Means to Live research, which reviewed barriers to access key government poverty alleviation programmes that benefit children. A pull-out poster-map of South Africa provides quick provincial reference to a few key child-centred socio-economic indicators.

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Children and HIV/AIDS

The first issue drew exclusively on work from Children's Institute research and advocacy projects. It presents essays on antiretroviral roll-out to children; social security for children in a time of AIDS; schools as nodes of care and support for children affected by HIV/AIDS; and on children contextualising their experiences of HIV/AIDS and poverty while participating in the Children's Bill process.



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