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The Institute is structured to ensure linkages between University faculties, departments and research units concerned with informing child policy and practice, and also to maintain linkages between the academic and policy environments.

The quality of Children's Institute research is ensured through peer review and the promotion of cross-disciplinary work.

Housed in the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Institute is led by a director, who is assisted by a Governing Board:

  • Prof Sue Kidson (chairperson), Head: Division of Cell Biology, Faculty of Health Sciences, UCT
  • Prof Anwar Suleman Mall: Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Transformation), UCT
  • Dr Reno Morar, Deputy-Dean: Health Services, Faculty of Health Sciences, UCT
  • Prof Crain Soudien, Chief Executive Officer: Human Sciences Research Council
  • Prof Deborah Posel, Founding Director: Institute for Humanities in Africa, Faculty of Humanities, UCT
  • Prof Ingrid Woolard, Research Fellow: Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit, UCT
  • Prof Benyam Mezmur, Head: Children's Rights Project, Community Law Centre, UWC
  • Prof Shanaaz Mathews (Director), Lucy Jamieson (Senior Researcher) and Lizette Berry (Senior Researcher) are the Children's Institute representatives on the Governing Board.